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Bachelorette Charleston Party

What is one of the fun things bachelorette parties do that I am aware of first hand? Before we go there let us talk about Charleston South Carolina being one of the top ranked cities for parties and just how many brides come to town for that bachelorette party. Instead of doing statistics, sitting at the airport counting numbers or etc. just drive down King Street in downtown Charleston and count how many bride tribes you see walking around the city. As soon as April hits until October to November they are everywhere and the locals see them so much that it is the normal and part of the local economy pretty much. Charleston SC is definitely the perfect spot for bachelorette party and bride tribes to host their party and Isle of Palms or Folly Beach is just as good to stay or travel to while in town.

Charleston Bachelorettes itinerary

What should be on every Charleston Bachelorette Party wish list is first Isle of Palms Beach or Folly Beach. You will end of there at some point most likely and either beach is probably a highlight of their party, heck maybe just rent your place to stay at the beach and drive to downtown Charleston SC instead. IOP is laid back and Folly beach has the most activities and probably the best option for a bachelorette party. Folly Beach offers some jet ski fun, surfing lessons and a few other things to do while onThe the beach sunbathing. Be sure that you go there at a lower tide. When high tide is happening, there is not much beach space at all.

Best Way to See Downtown Charleston SC

Of course downtown Charleston, SC is the main reason for coming to town for the Bachelorette Party. The best way to see the city is on bicycle which can be rented in one of the many bike racks that you will find. Everything tourist site there is to see is reachable by pedaling and you get to work off some of the food you been eating while in town. Some of the most traveled spots are rainbow row, the battery, the market, King Street in general, walking around the alleys and more historic side by the Battery Park, the pineapple fountain and maybe the local market at Marion Square that happens every weekend. Rainbow Row is and always will be everyones favorite place to take photo. The only recommendation I have here again is to rent a bicycle to see the city before you walk.

Where to Stay while Visiting

The best place to stay again if I was visiting the city would be a home rental whether a airbnb or you found a person who does shorter rentals. Not having to deal with a hotel or motel and being in the privacy of a home or townhome make a lot of difference I noticed. The parties who have there own place have space, a kitchen and lots of freedom so they always seem much happier. I am sure there are some wonderful high class hotels with wonderful service in Charleston SC but rent a house still.

Best Places to Eat

I cannot speak much on this topic since I am not a eat out person. If you rent a home or place with a kitchen, I am giving Harris teeter off East bay Street a reference here. Save time and money for a few meals and use the stove to cook yourself a meal or cook in a group. There are many of personal blogs with opinions on where to go eat. I will mention it again below but you can always hire someone to cook for you at your place.

Things to do for your Bachelorette Party in Charleston

Most groups do it probably to fill in a time slot but yoga seems to be on the list. There are lots of places trying to draw you into there bachelorette package but you will be better off booking a teacher to come and host your yoga class at a park or the rental. There are tons of yoga teachers in Charelston, SC and you will have no problem finding one to come to your place. There is nothing different about the practice here versus where you are from. If you have to though go ahead. I would map out places on a map to walk around downtown and any places around town you want to visit other than the local beaches. As the city grows there are a ridiculous amount of businesses that have been popping up for the influx of bachelorette parties. Here is a idea I have seen, hire a chef, while i cannot recommend anyone, a lot of groups seem to do that. I am sure there are some great chefs in town who freelance with so many resturants in town as well. There are a good bit of clothing boutiques in town so shopping while walking around King Street would be a popular choice as well. Other than walking around town many groups take a party boat out for a while that comes equip with a captain. It is a reason to put on that bathing suit again and get out. There is a party bus as well, I have done a few parties on a party bus but it really only works if the bus is very spacious. The number thing to do that I already listed is the BEACH. Traffic can be rough getting there but find your way there for a few hours and just enjoy sunbathing for a while. You will not regret the decision of going to the beach and just sunbathing or hanging out.

Best Night Clubs in Charleston for Bachelorette Parties Or Bar Crawl Day or Night

If your bar crawling I would wait for the sun to be down so the humidity can be bad at times. There many rooftop bars in Charleston, SC, probably close to 20 of them at the time of this post but there maybe more now. With so many choices and not going myself, I can only tell you that there are many and I am sure they all are great places to sip on wine at while watching the sun fall or the stars at night. I would do a bar crawl downtown King Street starting at Uptown Social and make my way down to Mynt and make sure you don’t miss the side streets off of King Street thay may have a string of bars as well. Wear yourself out and just have a blast going from bar to bar. Sometimes the Music Farm may have a events so it is worth looking to see if there is a traveling band in town, concert or what not. Some of the events look like a special thing but they happen weekly so be aware per how it is advertised or the sales pitch used which can at times be a bit misleading.

Maybe a entertainer is more your speed? Then this

Some Things to know for Charleston Bachelorettes

Your bachelorette party to Charleston SC is a business to some so they maybe very friendly and happy to help you spend more
The best way to get around is just walking but a bicycle or Uber is alway not far away as well.
You really dont need to hire a tour guide or event planner, Charleston SC is a small town and you can figure it out
It is not a pricey vacation spot and each person will spend $700 to $2000 per flight, stay and food per your choices.
The best time to visit is April to May or September to November when the humidity is not as bad here.
Southern hospitality can be deceiving so trust your instincts and your whys for a person being helpful for no reason
The cost of a dancer can be $150 to $200. Spending more does not get a better show, photos can be stock jpg


Enjoy your stay in Charleston or hope this helps with what to do in Charleston SC. See you Maybe.
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