Q: Can you Travel?
A: Yes, i come to your location so just stay home and get ready for me.

Q: Do Male Strip Clubs exist
A: No, a bar maybe hosting a event sometimes but quadruple check and check one more time.

Q: Best way to have all questions answered
A: Just call in, you talk to the dancer

Q: How long do your shows usually last?
A: Our shows typically last around 20-30 minutes, but the duration can be customized to suit your needs.

Q: Is picture-taking allowed during the show?
A: Yes, you can take pictures during the show, but please respect the performer’s boundaries and ask for their permission first.

Q: Can the male strippers wear a costume?
A: Yes, I can wear a costume to suit your party theme or preferences.

Q: Do you have a club that we can hire for a male strip show?
A: No, I don’t have private rooms, but we can perform in any private space that you provide.

Q: What type of party can I perform to?
A: I can cater to any type of party or event, from bachelorette parties to birthday events.

Can you travel to my location?
A: Yes, I can travel to any location in the cover area and beyond.

Q: Do you have a male strip club I can go to?
A: No, strip clubs do not exist. I specialize in private performances for parties and events. You are lucky to find a male revue.

Q: How to prepare for my male strip show?
A: Make sure you have a private and comfortable space, have some dollar bills ready for tipping, and prepare drinks for the party.

Q: Where can I book a show in Charleston area?
A: You can bok a show at https://michaelatyourplace.com

Q: Why choose you over other agencies?
A: I have the hottest male strippers shows, and will put on a great experience. I am a experts in the craft and will provide you with the ultimate show.