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First I will go over the client perspective of price and trust.

How Much Cost in all


  • Parking 10-20$
  • Door Charge 10-20$ a person per your group
  • Alcohol 10 – 200$ a person
  • Lap Dances -10 – 20$ per person
  • 5 girls group estimate
  • Parking or Uber = 20$
  • Door Fee all 5 = 50$
  • Alcohol = 150$
  • Lap Dances = 50$
  • Non refundable Eventbrite tickets or vendor sales
  • Total = 270$ – 1500$ estimate being generous on all fees and expensive
  • Note: The packages and big deals at club = same show everyone else gets – you may get stuck with no refunds and over spending.


Private Party:

Parking = 0
Booking Fee = 200$

Alcohol = 100$
Lap Dances = Part of show so 0

Total = 200-300$

Both parties will be paying for a place to live/stay so I am not adding in living expenses. I was being generous with the bar fees again, they want to get that tab going you know. I think you will spend more for a uber or parking, door fee I estimated 10-40$, be up sold on drinks and perks of being at the bar. This estimate is based on money value so now let’s talk about everything else. The male dancers work with the night club and help them sell. The best part of the night for them still is when they mingle with crowd and there stage routine. The girls in the room compete for dancer attention, whoever is the hottest and get a bit less personal time or have to pay to get more. This is more like a burlesque show without the train pros in dance being there and a kin to street performers who strip to boxers.

A private dancer can have its ups or down as well due to no other options but way cheaper option. The bad part is being stuck with a dancer who does not perform well, and repeats the same moves or does not address the crowd properly. This happens at times but the chances are low. Real performances happen here since your in a private setting and the dancer goes to thong. He gives Everyone in the room attention and listens to all your request and you dont need to pay extra for that wow!!!. You will probably be stuck with a great dancer or someone you want and will not want him to leave.

Why get a dancer?

The best private option for having a b’days or baches. The entertainment is a highlighted part that everyone remembers for ladies night out. So if you are going to be the event planner, do it right! From hip hop music to sexy twerk moves, the clothing will come off one at a time, sometimes with your help! Party with our man can be any way you want – from tame to insane.  As the host and party planner your call the shots!

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