Male stripper guide to self care

Male Stripper Grooming And Hygiene Tips
Posted on July 30, 2019
A fan of exotic male dancers expects the male stripper to be clean, well groomed, have fresh breath, smell nice and be mindful of their appearance.

I combed through the online search listings for common grooming tips not directly associated with specific product advertisements. The result is a common sense approach to men’s grooming for male strippers. I also strengthened my grooming game and learned a lot in the process. Let me share it with you.
Importance of Grooming For Male Strippers
TowelFor the most successful interactions between male stripper and customer we will focus on the following topics related to grooming and personal hygiene: hair care, nail care, body cleanliness, fresh breath, skin care and fragrance.

When interacting with a customer a male stripper will often find himself up close and personal. Whether a customer is simply placing a tip in the male stripper’s waistband, or a lap dance is being enjoyed, the two will be in close proximity.

This experience should be memorable but for the right reasons. The wrong reasons could include bad breath, body odor or greasy smelly hair. A customer would also not want to be clawed by the male stripper because his finger nails had not been clipped.

The customer should remember instead that the male stripper was wearing a sexy cologne, and how great it smelled when he got close. The customer should remember that the male stripper’s hair smelled masculine and enticing.

The customer should not remember anything about the male stripper’s breath or finger nails because his breath was fresh and his nails clipped. They’ll only remember the lap dance when he lightly blew on their neck and took their hands in his and slid them down his chest and abs.

Hair Care For The Male Stripper
How Often Should You Get A Hair Cut?
Get a hair cut as often as you need it. I keep my hair short. I’ve found that for me it is best to have a hair cut every 3 weeks. If you keep your hair very short, you may have to cut your hair more often. If you keep your hair long, you may be able to go a little longer before trimming it.

A haircut is part of your business wardrobe. Even if you wear a non-conventional hair style, maintain it and keep it looking tight.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?
Wash your hairYour hair should only be washed 2-3 times per week with shampoo. The other days rinse it thoroughly with water. If you want a fragrance in your hair on non-shampoo days, use a conditioner .

If you want an inexpensive shampoo, I recommend the Old Spice line of men’s shampoos. I am currently shampooing only twice per week using the fragrance called Swagger. If you have a few more dollars to spend, ask your hair stylist what brands they recommend.

The reason for not washing your hair daily is because of a substance called sebum. It is produced by the sebaceous glands and helps to keep your skin and hair moisturized. Sebaceous glands are found all over the body except the palms of the hand and soles of the feet.

Most people do not produce enough sebum for their hair to feel greasy until after about 3 days. There are exceptions. For example, if you tend to sweat a lot or if your hair is exceptionally greasy. Then you might want to wash it every other day.

Tips For Washing Your Hair
Use warm but not hot water.
Use a shampoo that is made for your hair type (dry or oily).
Use a gentle massaging action as you wash your hair.
Rinse thoroughly.
Use a conditioner and leave it in your hair for around 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.
Wash only 2-3 times per week.
Face, Nose, Ear, Chest, Back & Crotch Hair
Some dancers look best when clean shaven. Others look great with a little scruff on their face. While others can pull off the look with a beard or facial hair variation.

Beard GroomFor whichever style you have currently chosen, keep it trimmed and neat. The customers prefer that you not shed on them.

I stay clean shaven except on weekends sometimes when I will be lazy and not shave.

My partner on the other hand has a full beard. He keeps it trimmed and has been using the beard products made by Cremo. He really likes them. They are available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.

Nose And Ear Hair
Check your nose and ear hair often. There are grooming tools sold at many retail stores or online that will help with hair removal. You do not want hair extending out from your nose or ears. Check the tops of your ears as well. We have a small nose and ear hair trimmer at our house for this purpose. It uses a battery. You can see it in the pic with the nail clippers.

Chest Hair
Chest hair depends on the audience you are trying to reach. There are some audiences that like dancers with chest hair. There are some audiences that like dancers with no chest hair. There are more job opportunities for those who shave their chest smooth. But this is completely up to you.

Back Hair
Get rid of back hair. This may be preferred for a very small fringe group that likes furry backs on male strippers. But most audiences would rather see a back without hair.

Ask a friend, family member or significant other to assist you and shave the hair from your back as often as needed.

Crotch Hair
The crotch hair should be trimmed or removed completely. There is a very small group that have a fetish for furry bushes around the genitals. But you are wanting this area to be clean and trimmed.

Some dancers look sexy with a happy trail and slight view of pubes coming from the top of the underwear but most do not. As you well know, pubes have a mind of their own and most often will not grow the way you would want them to grow. Trim or shave them.

Nail Care For The Male Stripper
Finger Nail Care
Nails and noseFor your finger nails, keep them clipped as often as possible. Watch for dirt, grime and dead skin cells that accumulate under the finger nails and remove it.

If you have a second job that involves being outdoors a lot, check your nails daily. This also applies to those who like to spend their weekends at the beach or doing outdoor activities.

The tip of a finger nail file will work perfectly for cleaning underneath the nail. If you do not have one, buy one. They are inexpensive. If you want to spend a little more, you can purchase a nail care kit that will have a file, clippers and other tools included.

After clipping your finger nails, use the file to smooth the nail making sure there are no jagged edges to catch on clothing, fabric or other items.

Toe Nail Care
For your toe nails, clip them once per week. I do not recommend that you dance barefoot but there are some situations where this might be acceptable. If so, keep your toe nails clipped more often.

Use the file to smooth the toe nails to avoid snagging your socks or other items.

Remember – having claws like a bird of prey is never a good thing.

Body Care For The Male Stripper
Shower Or Bath Daily
ShowerTake a shower daily using a quality soap or body wash. Clean your body thoroughly. There is a full array of body wash products available at Walmart and other similar stores.

Caring For The Face
If you take a shower when you first wake up, then wash your face at night before you go to bed. Remove the dirt of the day before laying down to sleep. If you do not, you will simply be putting that dirt on your pillow case and then smearing it around on your face as you sleep.

Use a weekly facial scrub. There are many products available for this. However, if you are on a budget, you can buy a bottle of witch hazel at a local drug store or discount store. Mix cornmeal with hazel as a facial scrub. Create a paste and using your fingers apply the paste to your face. Gently scrub your face. It is a very inexpensive way to exfoliate your skin. Wash thoroughly when finished.

Staying Clean On The Go
Carry some type of cleansing product with you when you have a dancing gig. While you are dancing, you are going to sweat. There may be a bathroom on sight where you can wash up, but if not nearby, have something you can use to clean your body.

Keep a box of wipes with you. I recommend that you use one that has no fragrance or very little fragrance. You do not want the smell to overpower your cologne. You can find these next to facial cleansers or make-up at Walmart or similar stores.

The wipes will come in handy for another reason as well. During the night while you are dancing, the need to go to the restroom might occur. Do not rely on toilet paper alone. Use a wipe to thoroughly clean yourself to avoid any odor.

Dental Care And Fresh Breath
Taking care of your teeth so they last for the rest of your life is the main goal with dental hygiene. At the same time, as a male stripper interacting with customers, you want to make sure your breath is fresh and that you keep your smile bright and white. Develop a daily routine using a toothbrush with toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.

From my research online, I found that most dentists recommend a soft bristle toothbrush. Brush your teeth in small circular motions making sure you move over the teeth, gum line and area where they connect. The bristles need to come in contact with every single tooth, front and back.

There are a variety of different toothpastes on the market. Almost all toothpaste products advertise that they will keep your breath fresh. If you are a smoker, or if you drink a lot of coffee or tea, you might want to also try one with a whitening agent in it.

Dental Floss
I recommend the dental floss that comes in a combination tooth pick and floss. I carry these in my car, backpack and keep a package in my bathroom cabinet.

Slide the floss in between the teeth down to the gum line, then pull it back up sliding against the surface of the tooth to remove any food particles that may be lodged there. Repeat this process on every tooth.

Mouth Rinse
When you brush your teeth and floss your teeth, you dislodge food, debris and plaque. You need a mouth rinse for the final step of the cleansing process to help further remove these items from your mouth. There are quality name brand products such as Scope or Listerine available at drug stores and discount stores. There are quality generic products available as well.

Breath Mints
To keep your breath fresh while at a gig, carry some type of breath mints in your gear. Brushing your teeth after a meal before working the gig is of course the best option but if time is short and brushing is not possible, you will have breath mints as a backup.

Skin Care
We’ve mentioned taking a daily shower and a weekly face scrub but let’s talk about a daily skin routine. The following steps will help to keep your skin looking fresh and clean.

Wash your face first thing in the morning. If you shower first thing, do it while in the shower. If you do not, wash your face just before you have that first cup of coffee.
Exfoliate once or twice per week. This removes dead skin cells.
Use a daily moisturizer particularly if you are going to be outside a lot.
Wash your face before going to bed.
There are a multitude of products available for men to help with skin care. Do a Google search for recommended products. Also, do a YouTube search for skin care routines for men. You will find more information and demonstrations than you can watch in a single day.

Men’s fragrance counterA male stripper creates a fantasy for the customers. Another effective tool that you can use in creating this fantasy is wearing a men’s fragrance.

I recommend that you go to the men’s fragrance department in a Dillard’s or other department store. Spend an hour or so checking out all the different fragrances to see which you like the most.

If you have a friend whose opinion you respect, take them with you ask which they like as well. It is important that you like the fragrance you wear but it is even more important that the customers like it.

Another option is to buy a fragrance sample pack on Amazon. Several popular current fragrances are included in each pack. You’ll be able to buy one inexpensively and try them out before purchasing a larger amount.

An inexpensive option is to check out the discount stores like TJ Maxx, Gordman’s, Ross or Marshall’s. They will often carry men’s fragrances. Be careful here though. They are sometimes for sale at discount stores because they did not sell well at the major department stores.

Do not overdo it. A little fragrance goes a long way. You do not want the customers to smell your fragrance before you enter the room.

While writing this blog I performed an informal poll with some of the Males In Motion followers. Several responded saying that they preferred that a male stripper not wear a fragrance. They prefer the dancer be clean, but natural.

I say try both with and without fragrance. See if you get any compliments from customers on the fragrance. If I like the fragrance a dancer is wearing, I will often say something like, “You smell really nice.”

Final Thoughts
When you are at a bar or club performing, several things are going to happen. First, you quite possibly are going to work up a sweat. Change your clothes as needed. Have a towel handy to wipe off the sweat. And if you think body odor may become a problem, wash yourself off. And remember to freshen up your fragrance again as well.

If you bite your nails, stop.

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