Male Strip Club Etiquette: The Top 7 Rules Everyone Should Know

Although strip clubs are an all-around fun place for adults, there are still rules that you should follow for proper strip club etiquette to avoid getting kicked out. For people that are relatively new in the world of strippers, you should know some of the rules of etiquette when visiting a strip club to meet your favorite male strippers. To help you enjoy your time in these clubs and not worry about getting kicked out, here are the seven rules that you should be aware of when visiting a strip club.

Be Respectful to the Entertainers
When visiting a strip club, make sure to address these entertainers with respect, just like how you would treat the ordinary working-class citizen. For instance, if the male strippers abruptly offers you a lap dance and are not up for it, be respectful and politely turn them down.

Never Take Pictures or Videos of the Entertainers
This rule applies to both male and female strippers; taking pictures or videos without their consent can get you in trouble with the law. In other countries, it is considered a Class A Misdemeanor to take photos or record videos in a club.

Do Not Hog the Frontrow Seat of the Stage Unless You Are Tipping Big
This area is the premium seating at any strip club, and these usually require reservations. However, if you are lucky to grab the seat without any reservation, the dancers will expect you to tip them big if you plan on staying on the front row for the rest of your visit. Though it is not against the club’s rules, it can aggravate the club’s dancers and bouncers if you do not tip the entertainers.

  1. Never Do Any Public Practices of Indecency

Although you are visiting a strip club for your favorite male strippers, remember that you are the one who is searching for entertainment. Never do any public indecency, such as showing the strippers your genital area since that is what they are there for.

  1. Do Not Over Touch 

This rule depends on the strip club’s rules and the strippers themselves. Although some entertainers will allow you to touch them, some clubs strictly prohibits this practice. However, even if the strippers do enable you to feel them for extra payments, never start groping or touching them too much because it can irritate the stripper and may lead to you getting kicked out of the club.

  1. Never Get Wasted

Yes, strip clubs do offer alcohol to their patrons. However, it is not an excuse to get wasted because it can encourage unwanted behavior towards the entertainers. Know your limits and avoid intaking too much alcohol to prevent the bouncers from escorting you out or possibly being banned at your favorite strip club.

  1. Be Familiar With the Strip Club’s Rules

Perhaps the most apparent strip club etiquette to follow is to familiarize yourself with the rules of the strip club. That is because different strip clubs do have a diverse set of rules for their patrons to follow although most are common-sense rules you should still try and read the club’s rules on either their official website or inside the club.

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