Google Search and Fake Male Strip Clubs Nationwide

Male Strip Clubs dont exist

Google has a tendency of letting older branded sites run wild like girls gone wild years ago. It is obvious they do not fact check for accuracy, but you do need to be relatable. This causes a mess in the search results for sure. So lets get to the meat, male strip clubs dont exist. The definition of a male strip club is a place that pays the rent, lights, water and has a landlord or owns the building. From the time they open till they close there are male strippers stripping. Some how it was discovered these keywords rank high so every city says male strip club in the top spots. A lie.

How to find this? type in male strippers + any Major city

Things you need to be a bar strictly for male strippers

a. Rental agreement saying your a male strip club

b. Address for the male strip club with no other services or businesses

Google Searches for male strippers

Every google search that is city + service or the reverse has male strip club, so the search is fail? Yes, male strip club is nonexistenant, fake, not real and etc. These are bars that host a 2 hour show. No where will you find them dedicated. I do not know why google has had it this way for years now.

Female strip clubs are real, female strip bars are real, have a address and can be driven to.

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