Bachelorette and Hen Party Games and Fun

60 Hilarious Hen Do Dares

Here are 60 of the best hen do dares to keep you and your best pals entertained throughout the whole hen do! Which is your favourite?

Flirty Dares

  1. Collect the phone number of the shortest guy in the room.
  2. Act lonely at the bar until someone buys you a drink.
  3. Wink at three random men in the room.
  4. Propose to a random man at the bar.
  5. Pinch the bums of three men in blue shirts.
  6. Ask a man to dance and start dad-dancing on the dance floor.
  7. Take a line out of a movie and use it to flirt with someone.
  8. Convince a guy that you are royalty from a distant country, including the accent!
  9. Convince the most attractive guy in the room that you’re famous in an incredibly random way e.g. a blimp racer.
  10. Communicate with a guy only in song lyrics, the weirder the better.
  11. Go up to a man and tell him that you have a very creepy fetish, with detail.
  12. Run up to a random guy and pretend he’s famous, and get him to sign somewhere on your body.
  13. Convince the most attractive guy in the room that you really are a man.
  14. Find the most long legged man in the room and use his legs to pole dance on.
  15. Go up to a random man and ask if he is the stripper you ordered.
  16. Flirt with someone until you get a free drink.
  17. Kiss as many people as you can in thirty seconds.
  18. Put on red lipstick and print it on as many men’s cheeks as possible.

Photo Dares

  1. Take a selfie with someone when they’re not looking.
  2. Lie on the bonnet of a random car and get a glamour style photo taken.
  3. Photobomb another hen do’s group photo
  4. Flash your bra in a random selfie with someone
  5. When someone asks you to take a photo of them, take one of your own face or one with your finger over the lens.
  6. Take a serious selfie with the security guard or doorman
  7. Go up to a random man and kiss him, with a friend taking a picture.
  8. Ask a random guy if he wants a makeover, then do a mini glamour shoot.

27.Get a photo with someone who looks like you, or is dressed like you.

  1. Take a selfie with someone who is passed out drunk at the bar.
  2. Act sad in as many pictures as possible.

Plain Old Silly Dares

  1. Go up to a random person and act like you’ve known them for years.
  2. Ask the bartender for a completely make-believe cocktail.
  3. Get someone in the room to tell a joke and spit your drink out laughing.
  4. Go up to a random person and tell them you’re running away from the law and pretending to be a bride.
  5. Shout the name of your groom five times at the top of your voice.
  6. Tell someone that you’re an undercover private investigator, and keep them believing it the whole night.
  7. Take posh cutlery into McDonalds and eat a cheeseburger with the knife and fork.
  8. Take the glasses off someone who’s wearing them and put them on yourself.
  9. Do the chicken dance to a slow and romantic song on the dance floor.
  10. Take off your shoes, put them on your hands and walk to the bar that way.
  11. Demand service like The Queen until someone gets you a free drink.
  12. Walk like a pigeon all the way up to the bar.
  13. Spill your drink on someone who looks grumpy.

Rising Talent Dares

  1. Start singing “Marry You” out loud to nobody in particular.
  2. Walk across the bar with a pair of knickers on your head, with a straight face.
  3. Try performing River-dance on the dance floor when it’s completely empty.
  4. Re-enact the “Summer Nights” scene and song from Grease with your girlfriends, getting a random stag-do to play the male parts.
  5. Shout “I’m naked” when nobody is looking, and see how many people look round.
  6. Serenade the bartender until he gives you a free drink.
  7. When someone shouts “go”, dance wildly and frantically until they say “stop”.
  8. If every bar stool at the bar is filled, run behind and pretend to play ‘duck, duck goose’.
  9. Get a random man to sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with you.
  10. Start flirting with someone, then re-enact the “When Harry Met Sally” orgasm scene.
  11. Talk to someone, then mimic their accent when you respond.
  12. Call the bar you’re in and ask for a “Seymour Butts”.
  13. Try and start a flash mob in the middle of where you are right now.

Drinking Dares

  1. Take a swig of your drink every time a guy checks you out.
  2. Order a round of drinks whenever a Rihanna song starts playing.
  3. Everybody stand on one leg, whoever loses their balance first buys the next round.
  4. Drink a shot each time someone winks at you.
  5. Order the strongest, nastiest shot on the menu.

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