Male Stripper Tips and things to know

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How to book a dancer

How to prepare for your Bachelorette or Birthday party with a male dancer. The hardest part or easiest part of the battle in booking a male dancer is choosing the right company. There are so many companies to choose from and at times things are direct or indirect at time. Let us start off with the price. Every town has a general going rate for the same price and a lot of the times it comes down to the best marketing pitch or sometimes lie told by the marketer. The price can range from $150.00 to $300.00 per dancer. All of the companies from the male strip club to private parties usually employ and use the same guys. You may end up paying a bit more for the same person. All dancers are not created equal and each one will have plus or minuses and there are some dancer with experience who have amazing routines. You may not get the dancer you pick all the time and it maybe a look alike which is fine and will usually work. Booking involves a phone call of 5 min or using a online booking application. We collects at the door unless there is travel.


When the dancer arrives at your party they may walk in the door ready to roll or may have to change in a space. There is usually some instruction as well per the preference of the dancer. This is the best time for the host to get the guest in gear for the dancer to come out shortly. This may involves having everyone gather in the same room from upstair or downstairs or wherever they maybe at the moment. Some groups engage in party games during this time period to keep everyone in the location while others may just drink and dance a little. Both options work to keep the surprise party a surprise. It usually takes the dancer 5 minutes to 15 minutes to prepare per what the routine may have in store, hygiene and ect. This works well with the host because it takes them the same amount of time to get ready for the dancer. Some parties per the dancer side can be very late to start. A 8pm can start at 10pm and the host of the party may think this is okay but per if the dancer has any other shows, they will just have to leave that party so it is a good idea to be on time for your party if you are the host.

The exciting or Awkward Entry

While the dancer stands enters with there sexy look, smile or whatever they do usually they are meant with a cheers but sometimes it is a sigh, gasp, what is going on or insert the awkward thing moment. For a male dancer it is normal so do what comes early. Some shows the dancer may be the perfect fit and others they maybe like what is that or he maybe a bad fit but the performance is so great most of the party changes their mind and loves the show. Either way the easiest thing to ease the moment is to have enough members of the party cheer a bit.

The Show

All dancers have different shows for the most part UNLESS they have seen each others performance to many times than they usually all dance alike and use the same tricks. First and foremost a handsome face and a in shape physique is part of the deal, lean and mean or buff and thick can work per the man. All shows are defenitely not the same like bodies and so on. So dancers can move like a snake and romance everyone there, others are a littel rougher full of fancy lifted tricks and some just use the gift of gab in any situation to get through the dance or shows they have. This part is full of opinions and it is hard for the crowd to really know unless they seen a great dancer before. If you never seen a stripper then the experience you have is the reference point you go to until you have seen better. I have been seen many routines personally, the great dancers dont dance anymore so newer guys dont get the chance to see what a great performance is.

Have fun

Having fun is what make every show great, if you want to have fun, you do.

How to give a lap dance if you can’t dance

Step one set the tone with a chair and no arms in a area of the room with lots of space. The lights should be dim. Prepare 3 songs

Step two wear a sexy outfit is important or it can be nice sometimes to see someone dressed casual

Step three make eye contact and dance two a song where you can hold some rhythm to.

Step four don’t bother with anything over the top, keep the movement subtle and the pace of the dance, the big and flashy stop is not good for consistency

Step five each song, half a song remove a article of clothing or every minute in a song, time it right so by the end you are there. 

Tip: Moving side to side to paces of music 1 and 2, circle someTime the song in intervals so you know when to remove

Last step: after the mood is set end the dance how you see fit

This is a great place to learn how to be a male stripper.

Private Party vs Male Strip Club

I have been dancing for quite a while now and have a perspective on this.  First I will go over the client perspective.

Parking 10-20$
Door Charge 10-20$ a person per your group
Alcohol 10 – 75$ a person
Lap Dances -10 – 20$ per person

5 girls group estimate
Parking or Uber = 20$
Door Fee all 5 = 50$
Alcohol = 150$
Lap Dances = 50$
Total = 270$ – 500$ estimate being generous on all fees and expensive


Private Party

Parking = 0
Booking Fee = 150$

Alcohol = 0 
Lap Dances = Part of show so 0

Total = 150$

I was being generous with the bar fees again, I think you will spend more for a uber or parking, door fee I estimated 10$, be up sold on drinks and perks of being at the bar This estimate is based on money value so now let’s talk about everything else. The male dancers in are forced a bit to do certain things like walk around to tables not interested all the time, sell drinks for the bar and sell lap dances. The best part of the night for them still is when they mingle with crowd and there stage routine. The girls in the room compete for dancer attention, whoever is the hottest and get a bit less personal time or have to pay to get more.

A private party dancer or dancers don’t have to do anything extra to sell the crowd except perform well. The downside of course since the party who booked has no other options, if it is bad, its bad. Other than that the girls pay less, can be in their pajamas, no drives home, spend less so they can tip more and most of the time 90% or higher a component dancer arrives who has experience and knows what to do and how to entertain a crowd.

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