Magic Mike Movie Review

Magic Mike Movie Review

Magic” Mike the male stripper cowboy movie that reminds me of a well made burlesque show with a bit of reality television and humor in the mix. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” the third film starring Channing Tatum is back for my hype of the great profession or side hustle of being a male stripper. It is a film and story line that is always more theater and less reality but maybe it is good for the image of the male stripper industry.

Magic Mike stars Channing Tatum as Mike, a entrepreneur whose main job is as a male stripper at the Xquisite Male Dance Revue. To call Mike ripped would be good, a fact we’ve already learned from his appearances in the Step Up films but a fact that is put forth center stage here in Magic Mike.

Magic Mike is not based on a true story so the movie director and actors are free to portray the lifestyle as holywood as possible. In real life the stage and the shows are way more about not really knowing what to expect when you get there and the crowd is not always cheering.

From the take of a male stripper who actually dances the film is more hollywood again then happens in real life but sometimes this can still be good if it can help a industry. When hiring a male stripper or female people really don’t know what they are going to get anyway. I like the mini dramas in the film with the scenarios and little mini dramas to worry about. In real life like any job you just do your part in a revue or private party gig and go home. I do admit I have meant lots of male strippers with stories that may be a bit to exciting to believe myself. All in all Magic Mike movie and franchise is not the first male stripper movie and a ok one at that.

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